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Drummer/Band Leader

Christiana Powell is the brain trust behind SOMETHING SPECIAL PRODUCTIONS and truly a shining star. Crowds always love seeing her in full performance mode, and the band couldn’t be happier to have such an incredible Drummer and mentor up on stage and in the studio with them.


Made up of exceptional musicians coming from a variety of different backgrounds, the members of SOMETHING SPECIAL PRODUCTIONS share a mutual passion and love for the creation of music. The band works together day and night preparing for performances in order to make sure their recordings and live performances are in full harmony. Check out the faces that make up SOMETHING SPECIAL PRODUCTIONS.


Bass Guitarist

J.J. was born and raised in Chicago, Ill. and since the early 60's, the myriad sounds of music enlightened him to recognize his desire of musical creativity. His choice to play the bass guitar was influenced by listening to James Jamerson with Motown Sound; Larry Graham, Louis Johnson, Stanley Clarke and Pastorius during the Funk and Jazz Fusion era.

While traversing the music arena, J.J. has enjoyed being in the midst, learned and perfected his talents with artists such as Lou Rawls, The Chi-lites, Albert King, Bobby Blue Bland, and a host of others.

J.J. has performed in Chess studio sessions with Donny Hathaway, Phil Upchurch, Morris Jennings; and background for Shades of Brown , Syntek and Wally. Commencing with the "old school", J.J. enjoys various musical styles and he quotes:

 "I  like to keep the groove  and lock in on the pocket"


It's All About the Music

This triad of well rounded, unlimited Musicians/Artists

who make up the musical group Something Special, have been creating music together for a little under ten years. 


 While gigging together with various Artists throughout the years, Christiana, JJ & Freddie B came together with other musicians on March 19, 2008, for a special surprise concert.  After their performance, this group of musicians realized together they had Something Special in their collective sound.


This was the birth of what the world will now know as Something Special.


 Coming together, creating together and remaining together through all of the ups and downs,  not only is the music special, but also the message in the music.

 Realizing the devastation of the innovation of music as they've known it, and remembering how music lead the way through the times.  Creating songs for every situation a person may be facing in day to day life.  These three purposeful musicians decided to always KEEP THE MUSIC REAL.  With a message of Hope and Inspiration.  For all listeners to know:


You Are Not Alone and You Are Definitely Something Special.



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